Jangan suka terkinja kinja...Apa lagi dijual dijaja...Jangan dikeji usah dipuja...Sikit cakap banyakkan kerja...

Berburu ke padang datar...Dapat rusa belang kaki...Berguru kepalang ajar...Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Kalau Tuan pergi ke Tanjung...Carikan saya ketam ragi...Hidup kita jangan sombong...Suatu hari di telan bumi

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Comprehensive Silat

Silat is very comprehensive. In Silat it is not practical to hop and jump around during combat. The moment that your leg touches the ground after a jump or even several hops, a swift sweep of a pesilat will drop you flat to the ground. That is where you are most vulnerable.

The 'kuda kuda' or strong horselike stance is vital in silat. You move around and about gracefully with firm steps on the ground as a delusion of a moving target while being cautious. You attack at lightning speed the moment you sense a weak spot on your opponent's moves. But beware, your opponent might be luring that attack with his 'langkah sumbang' or fouled steps to 'kill' you as you attack.

Kicking is also usually below the waistline and retraction of your leg after kicking must also be as fast.

I met Cikgu Hashim Osman in Kluang recently and had a conversation with him about G5. Being a naughty kid when he was young, he had been brawling all his life. "I've had my mouth and teeth busted and broken, even hit and bleed behind my head. That's normal", he said. He is now 59 years old but looks fairly young for his age. He'd also been involved in brawls with groups of up to eight and ten people at a time on a number of occasions. He said, "You will get hit or punched in the face and body but G5 enables you to absorb the momentum of hard hitting kicks and punches instinctively. One on one fights are normal".

Having said that, he admitted that he has met a Silat exponent whom he threw a punch but missed. There are always better practitioners than us.