Jangan suka terkinja kinja...Apa lagi dijual dijaja...Jangan dikeji usah dipuja...Sikit cakap banyakkan kerja...

Berburu ke padang datar...Dapat rusa belang kaki...Berguru kepalang ajar...Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Kalau Tuan pergi ke Tanjung...Carikan saya ketam ragi...Hidup kita jangan sombong...Suatu hari di telan bumi

Friday, January 30, 2009

Do Not Oppress and Do Not Be Oppressed

"In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful"

"And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allâh) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allâh Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allâh), then certainly, Allâh is All-Seer of what they do. "(Al-Quran 8:39)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pukul and Lapis Pukul Techniques 2

HR steps and punch GH

GH uses Buang Pukul Luar to counter attack

HR diverts GH's left punch, slightly twitching his right leg backwards to kick GH's groin with his left leg

GH 'gelek' to block punch the kick

Immediately upon stepping down HR follows up with a left punch towards GH's face

GH diverts it and simultaneously rams his hands to HR's chest while stepping on HR's foot as well

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pukul and Lapis Pukul Techniques 30/12/2008

GH throws a punch

FZ diverts it and targets his right hand towards GH's groin

GH's left 'perisai' reflexes FZ's right hand outwards while twitching his right hand inside towards FZ's jaw

FZ 'gayang' (sways) to the right throwing an outward divert to jab technique with his left hand

GH 'tarik lian' side stepping away from target and 'buang pukul luar' to punch FZ

FZ moves his body anticlockwise and left steps 90' to divert and punch GH

GH kicks FZ's knee joint while diverting the punch to 'break' it.

The above buah pukul techniques were arranged by Ghadafi and Fairuz.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pukulan, Lapis Pukulan dan Jatuhan 1

With this 1st posting this year and on behalf of all Gayang Lima practitioners, I wish everybody a blessed Maal Hijrah 1430 and A Happy New Year 2009. There is only one purpose for us to live in this world and that is to surrender to God AlMighty. To do that, we must know who we are, learn from those who know and seek for the truth with wisdom. May Allah guide us all. Ameen !

HR steps to punch NZ

NZ steps to the outer side of HR's right leg, his right hand diverts the punch with 'buang pukul luar' (not shown) instantaneously aiming towards HR's jaw while his left hand immediately do a 'tekan pukul luar' as a double blocking .

HR uses his 'perisai' to block NZ's right hand while rolling his right hand up to punch NZ.

Again NZ diverts the punch with a 'tekan pukul' and immediately throws his right hand towards HR's face

HR's does a double blocking technique which can go two ways either 'buang pukul luar' or 'buang pukul dalam'

While pulling his right leg back and putting his left leg forward, HR opts for 'buang pukul luar' and throws a left punh towards NZ's face

As swiftly, NZ just tops his left hand over HR's left hand and forwards a chlothline arm chop to HR's throat. NZ's right hand is pulled back to block further movements of HR's left hand.

With the momentum of HR's bodyweight and and NZ's counter chlothline attack, the fall is heavy...

The above sequence of techniques were arranged by HR and NZ.