Jangan suka terkinja kinja...Apa lagi dijual dijaja...Jangan dikeji usah dipuja...Sikit cakap banyakkan kerja...

Berburu ke padang datar...Dapat rusa belang kaki...Berguru kepalang ajar...Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Kalau Tuan pergi ke Tanjung...Carikan saya ketam ragi...Hidup kita jangan sombong...Suatu hari di telan bumi

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Buah Pukul Tunggal 2

In Buah Pukul Tunggal 2 we see that the sweeping strike is done from outside. The shift of leg must be very fast, even before the opponent has put his step to the ground while throwing the punch. The pics below are just still illustrations.

ZR (left) throws a forward step punch

This time NZ swiftly shifts his right leg to the outer side of ZR's right leg to hook it back to his standing position. He chucks his left hand towards ZR's left neck slapping it to the opposite direction while his right hand diverts ZR's punch.

The after effect pose in reverse angle.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buah Pukul Tunggal 1

In Gayang Lima, buah pukul tunggal means a single strike or hit. Buah Pukul Tunggal depicted in the pictures below show that three simultaneous strikes are done in one single move. As it is, even if only one hand is thrown as a punch, rapid follow ups of punches and kicks do follow as a precedent in the offensive concept of Gayang Lima, either in attack or defense.

ZR (left) throws a forward step punch

NZ diverts the punch and simultaneously kicks ZR's inner leg while his left hand slaps ZR's upper body to the opposite direction

ZR falls and in the midst of falling NZ moves to attack ZR's head for the finishing touch

(pics courtesy of Zahir)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Counter strikes for lapis pukulan dalam

FZ (right) throws a right punch and GH counters with a 'buang pukul dalam' (left hand inner block and right hand punch)

FZ's left hand blocks GH's right punch while his right hand rolls to the inner side of GH's left hand with a swift attacking momentum to GH's jaw/face.

FZ rapidly follows the right jab with another left punch to GH's jaw/face.

(pics taken by Zahir)